Landscape Gardening Ideas

Get inspired with landscape gardening ideas

   Oct 03

Landscape Gardening Ideas

Finding the Best Landscape Gardening Ideas

Landscape Gardening IdeasLooking at landscape projects that others have done can give us landscape gardening ideas and inspiration of our own. But where are the best places to look in order to find inspiring landscape gardening ideas? Ideas are all around you if you just stop and take the time to notice them.

Local Landscape Gardening Ideas

By driving or walking in your city or local area, you will see an abundance of amazing landscaped gardens that you can get ideas from. Talk a walk around your neighborhood or a stroll through your local parks to get some ideas. The best thing about getting ideas this way is that you can experience them in real life. Being amongst the flowers, plants and trees first-hand will help you learn what is possible in landscaped gardens and make it clear to you the ideas that you like best.

It would be a good idea to bring a digital camera with you to take pictures of the landscape designs that you like. Then when you get home, you will be able to look through all of your pictures and pick the ideas you liked best from each one. Combine the ideas to come up with a plan personalized to your tastes.

Finding Landscape Gardening Ideas on the Internet

finding Landscape Gardening IdeasThe Internet is a great place to find landscape pictures and plans that you can use as a basis for your own landscape garden. By browsing through images on search engines and specialty gardening or landscaping sites, you are bound to get tons of landscape gardening ideas.

You should make sure that the plants and landscaping materials that have been used in these online pictures is available to you in your local area before settling on any idea. You may have to substitute something similar in the place of any plants or landscaping materials that are not available in your region in order to get the look and design that you want.

The only drawback to finding landscape gardening ideas on the Internet versus find them in your local area is that you will not be able to experience them first-hand before deciding on what you really like.

Landscape Gardening Ideas in Magazines and Books

Landscape Gardening Ideas in magazinesLandscape magazines and books are also great places to get landscape gardening ideas from. They can be found in most bookstores or large retail stores. You could also visit your local library to find landscape books and maybe magazines.

If you decide to just browse through the books and magazines and do not bring a copy home with you, you may want to take pictures of the landscape garden designs you really like. You might forget features and details of the landscape gardening ideas you’ve seen when you get home; then trying to remember what plants and materials are needed, as well as the entire layout, will be difficult. This is why it would be best to take pictures of the images in the magazines or books so that you can successfully recreate the landscape gardening ideas.

   Jul 15

Dress Up Your Flower Beds With These Garden Border Ideas

Dress Up Your Flower Beds With These Garden Border Ideas

 garden bordersWe’re used to the same type of flower beds. Most of the time, we see just a concrete bed filled with a myriad of colorful flowers, and in rare occasions, we see something fresh, artsy, and unique. Why not dress up your flower bed with a unique garden border idea? Here are some of them.

1. Colored bottles

Wine bottles have elegant colors. If you have a wide collection of these bottles, you may want to put them in your garden as a unique border for your flower bed? The idea is very simple. Line up all your bottles and bury them upside down, and show only a part of them.

When doing this, be especially careful with two things: spacing and the alignment of the bottles. If a bottle is misplaced, the alignment is not intact and so is the overall look of the flower bed. If the bottles are too close or too apart from each other, the result may not be as what you imagined it to be.

If you’re not satisfied with the effect, you might want to transform your wine bottles into light or bulb holders, which you can put in a tree in your garden. To do this, have someone cut the base of your bottles, and then have an electrician connect the bulbs together. This should give you a beautiful sight at night.

2. Painted stones

This is a great way to engage your family to participate in your garden. If you’re looking for a quality bonding time with them, prepare some paint brushes and some paint, and ask them to hand-paint stones around your flower beds.unique flower garden borders

Kids will love this because they’re free to do what they want, and as a parent, you’ll be able to know if your kids have a talent for the arts.

3. Recycled materials

If you would like to help in the preservation of the environment, you may want to get some old materials and reuse or recycle them into a flower bed border. Big, old tires for instance, make a perfect, effortless border. All you have to do is to put garden soil into it and plant your favorite flowers, shrubs, or bushes. You can also decorate the tire by painting it.

4. Mosaic

A mosaic design or effect is also a great way to decorate your flower beds. And just like with painted stones, this is a great way to bond with your kids and to unleash their creativity. If you have unused tiles at the basement and beads, you might want to put them into good use by creating a mosaic flower bed.

Other materials that you’ll need include the following: objects such as plastic, beautiful stones, shells, colored glass, and even pins; PVA glue or other adhesive; and a tile nipper.

unique garden border5. Seashells

If you live near the beach with many seashells on the shore, why not transform these shells into beautiful border for your flower beds? For sure, they’ll be on everyone’s lips when your guests see them.